QC Tools

The overall aim of this tool is to improve data quality issues, to reduce review and acceptance times, and ultimately to reduce ping-to-chart times. Furthermore, once one of the developed algorithms is mature and effective enough, existing commercial software might decide to adopt it with a relatively easy transition based on the existing working implementation.  The speed in prototyping, a characteristic of the adopted Python language, eases the decision to abandon a developed algorithm in case that is not effective, or a commercially supported implementation becomes available.  The application is jointly developed by the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, UNH and NOAA Coast Survey Development Laboratory (CSDL). QC Tools is written in Python 3.

Link: https://www.hydroffice.org/qctools/main

Faculty Members involved: G. Masetti, B. Calder

For more information contact:  G. Masetti


QC Tools