Parents & Families

Welcome parents and family.  Our goal as the Career and Professional Success team is to help your students turn their education, co-curricular activities, and experiential learning into post-graduation success.  This is a process that starts in their first year at UNH and continues beyond graduation.  As parents and family, you can play an impactful and supportive role.  Encouraging your students to participate with the Career and Professional Success team early and often will help them take advantage of the many opportunities here at UNH.


Below is a list of resources and events provided by the Career and Professional Success team. 

Career Insight
Assist students who are choosing a major by providing information on how different majors can impact their career path.   

Offer self-assessments that help students identify areas of interest.

Define strategies on how to network at UNH and beyond.

Identifying Early Experience
Aid in identifying shadowing, volunteer, research, clubs and organizations, internships and other experiential leaning opportunities to help students build transferable skills for industry.

Graduate School Planning
Serve as an itial stop students make when considering graduate school.  We help them explore whether it is the right next step and connect them to useful resources to utilize if they decide to apply.

Internship and Job Opportunities
Work with students to build effective strategies for searching.

Building Career Documents
Support students when making strong and thorough resumes, cover letters, and other professional documents.


Career Express Walk-in Hours

  • Students are able to drop-in and have career related questions answered by either a professional staff member or one of the Career Ambassadors (trained student workers).

One-on-One Appointments

  • Students are able to make personal appointments with Career Counselors or the Career Directors to get more perspective on the career process.  We encourage students to work with us all four years.


Information Sessions and Lunch & Learns

  • Employers visit campus to talk about their company and employment opportunities.

On Campus Interviewing

  • Some employers come directly to the students and offer on-campus interviews for internships and entry level jobs.


The Career and Internship Fair

  • The Career and Internship Fair is a formal opportunity for students to meet more than 200 employers with active internship and job postings.

Resume Review Day

  • Resume Review Day is an event where students bring multiple copies of their resume and have them reviewed by industry professional.


Parents and family can be strong support systems and connectors for both their own students and other UNH students by sharing opportunities.  If your organization has open internships or jobs, feel free to connect your Human Resources Recruiter to the Career and Professional Development Director, Stephanie Whitney, via email.  We help link employment opportunities directly to the students.

If you are a parent of a perspective UNH student please remember the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is part of the UNH First-year & Parent’s Orientation.  To see last year’s presentation on UNH/CEPS Student Development Plan please connect to, Welcome to UNH!