M. Robinson Swift

Phone: (603) 862-1837
Office: Mechanical Engineering, Kingsbury Hall Rm W115, Durham, NH 03824
M. Robinson Swift


  • Ph.D., Theoretical&Math.L Physics, University of New Hampshire
  • B.S., Me, University of New Hampshire

Courses Taught

  • ME 526: Mechanics of Materials
  • ME 727: Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  • ME 999: Doctoral Research
  • OE 754: Ocean Waves and Tides
  • OE 758: Design of Ocean Structures
  • OE 797: Honors Seminar
  • TECH 797: Undergrad Ocean Research Prog

Selected Publications

Dewhurst, T., Swift, M. R., Wosnik, M., Baldwin, K., DeCew, J., & Rowell, M. (2013). Dynamics of a Floating Platform Mounting a Hydrokinetic Turbine. Marine Technology Society Journal, 47(4), 45-56. doi:10.4031/MTSJ.47.4.13

Tsukrov, I., Drach, A., DeCew, J., Robinson Swift, M., & Celikkol, B. (2011). Characterization of geometry and normal drag coefficients of copper nets. Ocean Engineering, 38(17-18), 1979-1988. doi:10.1016/j.oceaneng.2011.09.019

DeCew, J., Tsukrov, I., Risso, A., Swift, M. R., & Celikkol, B. (2010). Modeling of dynamic behavior of a single-point moored submersible fish cage under currents. Aquacultural Engineering, 43(2), 38-45. doi:10.1016/j.aquaeng.2010.05.002

Patursson, Ø., Swift, M. R., Tsukrov, I., Simonsen, K., Baldwin, K., Fredriksson, D. W., & Celikkol, B. (2010). Development of a porous media model with application to flow through and around a net panel. Ocean Engineering, 37(2-3), 314-324. doi:10.1016/j.oceaneng.2009.10.001

Most Cited Publications