Chemistry (Ph.D.) Spotlight

We are so proud of Dr. Yuan Chen for successfully defending his dissertation! His dissertation is entitled: Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensors Based on Non-covalent Crosslinked Molecular Imprinted Polymers. 
Turning Sunlight and CO2 into Clean Fuel
CJ Wilson is a Ph.D. student studying chemistry here at the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. His research includes combatting climate change with hybrid photocatalytic systems and electrocatalytic systems that turn elements such as sunlight or CO2 into clean fuel. 
Ph.D. Student Researching Small Organic Semiconductors
Qian Liu is a Ph.D. student studying chemistry with a focus in organic chemistry and materials science. His hometown is Xinyu City in China, and he graduated with a B.E. in pharmaceutical engineering from Changzhou University.  1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?   As an R1...
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Nick Pollak, a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry, for its prestigious Graduate Student Research Program. Pollak, one...