Ocean Engineering Major (B.S.) Spotlight

Meet a Wildcat in Ocean Engineering
Watch Rose Walker discuss her favorite things about attending the University of New Hampshire and advice for those considering attending UNH.
Natalie Cook '23 shares internship experience with NOAA
Natalie Cook ’23, an ocean engineering major from Brookline, New Hampshire, secured an at-sea internship with the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and is documenting her experience.
The computer cluster is my favorite room in Chase. I have made very close friends in my major, and those friendships all started in the cluster.
"My favorite spot on campus is the wave tank in the High Bay of the Chase Ocean Engineering Lab. It's quite amazing to look at the beautiful waves created by the tank and relate them to my classes, or rather to connect the math and science of what's happening in front of me.  I get really excited...