Working to have Black voices heard
Tamara Marcus, NRESS Ph.D. candidate, helped cofound the Advocates for Social Justice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Tracking Emerging Contaminants in NH
UNH graduate student Cassidy Yates is helping to study the way we track and manage new contaminants in New Hampshire waters
Alum Recognized by ASCE
Thalia Valkanos '13 spoke to the American Society of Civil Engineers about the bold choices she made that propelled her career.
Class Field Trip Launches Career
Civil engineering's Maggie Fillion '20 turned a fall class field trip into an internship and career opportunity with Shea Concrete. Her experience was documented in a podcast...
Using Magnetostratigraphy to Find the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in La Colonia Formation, Patagonia, Argentina
Peter Haber's research is featured in UNH Inquiry on the asteroid that collided with the Yucatan Peninsula approximately 66 million years ago, marking the end of the Cretaceous period.
AWWA Recognized Graduate Student
Darline Simoni Balen was recently selected as the American Water Works Association's second place 2020 Academic Achievement Award for the best master’s thesis. Balen, a civil engineer student, defended her graduate thesis in December before it was submitted to the AWWA competition open to all...
UNH senior follows his passion
Dylan Wheeler ’20 has been described as a person who lives in a universe with 28-hour days. Here’s why: he’s founded two startups and he hasn’t even graduated yet. He launched the first one during his freshman year, and it has helped pay his way through UNH. He also has his own website...
Jo Laird receives Jean C. Brierley Award
Jo Laird, Associate Professor, was awarded the Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching. The late professor Brierley established an endowed fund in 1973 to recognize the highest level of teaching excellence in any field or discipline at UNH.
Learning What She Didn't Know
Before Lihy Buchbinder ’21 arrived at UNH, she had a cultural experience that few students have: In December 2014, having  finished high school, Buchbinder returned to her homeland to serve in the Israeli Army.
  Excerpt of a letter received by Taylir from her pen-pal  Graduate student Taylir Bullick became involved with the program Letters to a Pre-Scientist in June this past summer out of a desire to reach kids from low-income backgrounds and encourage...
Two CEPS students compete in finals of Social Venture Innovation Challenge
Josh Howard ’21 and Nicholas Eagan ’21 were finalists in the student track of the Social Venture Innovation Challenge with their initiative EZGrid, a platform that connects electricity consumers with their utilities to help them lower their carbon footprint while also saving money. Howard in an...
Dr. Jeffrey & team recently won a Visionary Grant at GRC
In 2019, Kathleen Jeffery (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemistry Education) attended the 2019 Gordon Research Conference for Visualization in Science and Education. The conference hosts a Visionary Grant competition, supported by a generous grant from NASA, to provide “seed funding” to...