UNH was a wonderful place to grow up and discover my passion in science and engineering.  I found a home away from home in the chemistry department surrounded by supportive staff, professors and classmates.  While at UNH I spent most of my time at Parsons studying and working for...
Dr. Chao Liu, a recent graduate from the Li group, is doing well as a Postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University. Chao is pictured with Sir Fraser Stoddart, 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.
Prestigious Lecture Selection Recognizes Lifetime of Achievement
Though impossible to see with the naked eye, the applications of the scientific contributions from Donald Sundberg clearly exist – just under the aide of an electronic microscope.
Kevin Short Inducted into National Academy of Inventors
Academic research leading to innovation with tangible health, economic or other quality of life benefits is seen as an ideal model for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.
Benoit '93 Recognized Nationally for Civil Engineer Advocacy
Darren Benoit’s professional passion for advocacy was born from the need for a voice to stress the importance of infrastructure investment to safety, economic development and transportation. 
Karen Huberdeau ‘11, reflects fondly on her days as a civil engineer student at the University of New Hampshire – the friends she made, professors she had in class and the experiences that helped shape her early career in the transportation industry.
Since middle school, incoming freshman Robbie Schumacher has been passionate about designing structures and playing football. This fall, he is pursuing both passions at the University of New Hampshire as a member of the football team and student in the Department of Civil & Environmental...
DanaRose Brown is a one of a dozen students to be part of the inaugural class of the Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering. The New Jersey native and member of the UNH track & field team discusses why she chose ocean engineering and UNH.
"Ocean Engineering at UNH provides interesting research and engineering opportunities for its students, including initiaitives that impact our local communities and the globe. I had a unique opportunity to collaborate with researchers in The Netherlands to study one of the biggest coastal...