Meet a Wildcat: Mechanical Engineering
Alex Mills is a senior mechanical engineering major here at the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Read more to learn about why he loves being a student in his department. 
Ph.D. candidate researches customized implants with DSIF innovation
Mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate Shayan Darzi is researching new applications of the double-sided incremental forming (DSIF) machine at the Olson Center. Alongside his advisors, Shayan's research aims to utilize the DSIF process's flexibility to change the...
Computer Science Master's Student Creates AI For an Online Card Game
Bryan McKenney is a computer science accelerated master's student. He recieved his undergraduate degree in computer science here at UNH, and his hometown is in Newmarket, NH.  1. Why did you choose UNH for a computer science graduate program? I chose to stay at UNH for my M.S. degree in computer...
Congratulations to our Ph.D and Master's students that graduated this Spring and Summer: Dr. Alexa Green, Dr. Ehab Shaaban, Dr. Mary Sheppard, Dr. Nicholas Pollak, Dr. Sonja Gamby, Dr. Taoqiing Wang, Dr. Vahid Hosseinpour Hashemi, Dr. Leonid Povolotskiy, Dr. Huishan Li, Dr. Peiyuan Zhao, Dr. Yung-...
Turning Sunlight and CO2 into Clean Fuel
CJ Wilson is a Ph.D. student studying chemistry here at the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. His research includes combatting climate change with hybrid photocatalytic systems and electrocatalytic systems that turn elements such as sunlight or CO2 into clean fuel. 
UNH Ph.D. recipient researches an eco-friendly and precision-based alternative to the traditional Abrasive Water Jet
Benjamin Mitchell, a UNH alumnus and recent Ph.D. recipient in Mechanical Engineering, is exploring new research and manufacturing avenues through his start-up business, Drop-Slice. Ben started Drop-Slice at the Olson Center after completing his Ph.D., which focused on a...
Our Ph.D. Students are Paving the Way for the Future of Robotics
As a Ph.D. student in computer science studying robotics, Paul Gesel focuses on the role robots will play in the future of caregiving. 
Pulkit Dubey, IAM PhD Student
Pulkit Dubey completed his bachelor's in mechanical engineering from BITS Pilani, India (2015) followed by master's from JNCASR, Bangalore, India (2019). During his masters, he worked on hydrodynamic instability of liquid jets where he studied the breakup of a liquid jet to form droplets. He also...
Kathryn's UNH Day in the Life
Kathryn Carlson is a rising senior chemical engineering student here at UNH. Tag along with Kathryn in her day-in-the-life as a Process Validation intern at Lonza in Portsmouth, and learn about the contributions our students are making to the future of pharmaceuticals. 
Graduate student, Abrar Ebrahim, researches and develops machine-learning models at the Olson Center
The Olson Center provides students with the resources and space to immerse themselves in their research and new findings. Graduate student, Abrar Ebrahim has done just that as he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in metal forming and plasticity after obtaining his master's degree in metallurgical and...
Ph.D. Student Studies Soil Frost Using Ground Penetrating Radar from a Drone
Tim Hoheneder is a civil and environmental engineering Ph.D. student researching soil frost. He utilizes a UAS (drone) to measure how deep the soil frost is, which can control several hydrological and biological processes between the winter and spring seasons. 
Douglas Coulter gains experience on the center's CNC machines and 3D printers
Meet Douglas Coulter, a rising UNH sophomore and mechanical engineering intern at the Olson Center. Over the past semester, Douglas has cultivated skills within the realms of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering while working on Dr. Benjamin Mitchell’s water droplet CNC machine project...