Bob Constantine- Librarian Extraordinaire

Bob Constantine

As the month of June comes to a close, we find a season of Mr. Bob Constantine, librarian of the Chemistry Department library in Parsons Hall, come to a close as well. As he enters the new realm of retirement bliss we wish him the very best, and remember his consistency, faithfulness, attentiveness and warmth that he exhibited to all. Countless faculty and students benefited from his many years of service. 

Enjoy the collection of well wishes and recollections from colleagues and students alike:

Always present. Always knowledgeable and helpful. Will always provide extra help when needed to track down difficult-to-obtain articles. Enthusiastic member of the department. Enjoyable discussions about vintage baseball. Will be sorely missed.

Whenever you walked into the library Bob was always there to lend a helping hand with a welcoming smile. Thanks for all your help over the years Bob! 

I'd like to appreciate his help in my Ph.D. journey. He is a very nice guy and has such a good memory that he knows exactly where the book of your interest is even without searching the database. 

Happy retirement to Bob!

I'm sure that some else mentioned how awesome Bob was in March 2020!  He was walking back and forth from the library to our chemistry department copy/scanner to make available online as much of textbooks and other resources as he could legally do for so many of the faculty!  He had hand sanitizer in a holster and worked so fast when I made my request for CHEM 684!

I also have to say that if I was ever having a bad day, a quick trip to the library and a chat about anything - including libraries and the joy of accidentally finding a useful book near something else you were looking for or Bob would tell you about the new book or library resource related to your research!

He always worked hard to make sure textbooks for courses were available for students which enhances educational accessibility for everyone!

He's been a great resource and we've been lucky to have him over the years!

Bob is great member of our big chemistry family!

Bob's smile was such a warm welcome, and his eagerness and ability to help, unmatched.