Greg Deemer, PhD Student

Greg Deemer Ocean Engineering

What is an area of ocean engineering you're passionate about?
Ocean engineering for the Arctic environment. That statement is immensly broad. My initial sub-discipline at the start of my PhD is the interaction of high-frequency acoustics with sea ice, but nearly all studies on sea ice are fascinating. Of particular interest is industry operations in the Arctic, detection of hazards and mitigation of risk, and environmental monitoring and disaster clean-up.

Why did you choose to attend UNH?
The combination of having federal funds backing the program, cutting-edge facilties, industry connections, sizeable graduate student population, interdisciplinary ties to other engineering topics and computer science, and physical location within the U.S.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I've been on a snowmobile on the landfast ice extent (surface ocean frozen to land) in the Bering Strait going 50 mph with a shotgun loaded with Polar Bear deterrent popper rounds on my back.