Kate O'Donnell '20

Kate O'Donnell

What is your favorite UNH class?

Ocean Instrumentation Lab with Prof. Tom Weber.  This is a hands-on course, and my favorite part was a semester-long project building a CTD (conductivity, temperature, and depth) sensor from scratch. As part of our final project we took our CTDs out on the UNH Gulf Surveyor and deployed them to collect data.  We analyzed the data for our final report.  It was very rewarding to build something from scratch and see if actually work out in the field.

What is your favorite room in Chase?

My favorite room is the computer cluster. I have spent many late nights and early mornings in the cluster at the work desks or using the whiteboards with my classmates to figure out a problem, finish a report, or do homework. I have made very close friends in my major and those friendships all started in the cluster trying to solve that one hard coding assignment. I like the fact that the cluster is always open, and it is a nice spot to sit in between classes.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

People would be surprised to know that I am freaked out by fish.  I am majoring in ocean engineering and I do not like fish, crabs, lobsters, sharks, you name it.  I do love being on the ocean and I like to go boating, but if I see a fish you probably will not see me in the water.

Tell about your summer internship.

I worked as an intern on the Marine Liaison team at Subcom, an undersea cable company. They install cables that carry international data calls and internet between continents. I was surprised to learn that these are used and not satellites, which have much weaker signals. I toured the cable factory in Newington, NH, and had a personal tour of a cable-laying ship. This internship allowed my to gain experience in a professional work environment at a company that directly relates to my major.