Savannah DeVoe, PhD Student

Ocean Engineering PhD student Savannah DeVoe

Why did you choose to attend UNH?
UNH has a great ocean engineering program, and really great laboratories/facilities for students. That, coupled with the large number of research and funding opportunities here for ocean engineering projects, made UNH one of my top choices for graduate study.

What is an area of ocean engineering you're passionate about?
I'm particularly interested in coastal processes and coastal erosion. Erosion is such an important issue to examine, especially with regards to coastal communities and coastal protection.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I love hiking and traveling! I've been to a number of National Parks in the U.S. and like to spend my weekends hiking trails and mountains in Maine and New Hampshire.

What is your plan for after graduation?
Graduation is a few years away for me, but eventually, I hope to work for a research facility that focuses on climate change and evaluates its impact on ocean/coastal processes. I would love to make a difference in how communities might be able to understand and respond to the world's changing oceans.