Spotlight on Graduate Student Marie-Josiane Ohoueu

Marie-Josiane Ohoueu

The Boudreau group's work focuses on the design and synthesis of small molecules as inhibitors of ​beta-lactamases​, which are enzymes responsible for bacterial resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance has been a recurring and increasing problem arising from the overuse of antibiotics, thus the importance to tackle the issue quickly.  My current project aims to develop efficient inhibitors of metallo-beta-lactamases (class B), a subclass of beta-lactamases.  This is done by introducing various functionalities to the designed molecules to serve as handles for the enzyme-inhibitor interaction. Common organic synthesis methods including a series of protection/deprotection strategies and functional group transformations have been used toward the development of the target molecules.

I am originally from Paris, France (born and raised), after getting my high school degree in France I came to the usa with a track and field scholarship at the American International College (A.I.C., Springfield, MA) where I obtained my B.S. in biochemistry. I went on to get my master degree in applied chemistry at the university of new mexico where  I started teaching as T.A. for the first time for the chemistry laboratory courses. After my master I was accepted to UNH and have been teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry laboratory courses.