Spotlight on Post Doc Amit Tripathi

Post Doc Amit Tripathi

Amit Tripathi comes from the city of Lucknow in India. He completed his undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 2008. He came to UNH in 2008 for his PhD in Materials Science under the supervision of Prof. Donald C. Sundberg and Prof. John Tsavalas with the focus on understanding the morphology of polymer nanoparticles formed via emulsion polymerization. After completion of his doctorate, he worked with Prof. Tsavalas as a Research Assistant. In 2016, he joined Dr. Klaus Tauer’s group in Max Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany as a Postdoctoral fellow and worked on understanding the mechanism of formation of anisotropic polymer particles in semi-interpenetrated networks particles. He joined Prof. Tsavalas group back in 2017 as a postdoc and is currently working on simulation of polymerization reactions with crosslinker monomers in bulk, solution and emulsion polymerization.

When not working, Amit enjoys cooking, watching sports and sometimes ‘doing nothing’.