Wade Bartlett

Wade Bartlett with Annie Kuster, Jeanne Shaheen, Kelly Ayotte, and Frank Guinta

I was BSME class of ’89 and MSME class of ’94. These days I’m a self employed engineering consultant, doing a lot of accident analysis work these days. I’m also a part-time officer for the Town of Middleton. I recently received the Congressional Law Enforcement Award for Dedication and Professionalism at a ceremony in Concord, attended by the entire NH congressional delegation.

Wow, feels pretty haughty to type that stuff out about myself. <shrug> Anyway, that’s the latest news from me.

Here’s the WMUR coverage

The announcement, as read by Chief Biochetti at the ceremony is here:

“Calling the roles for the Middleton Police Department - Ofc. Wade Bartlett.  Ofc. Wade Bartlett holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. Ofc. Bartlett, a self-employed consulting engineer and an Accident Reconstructionist since 1996 has also been a part-time police officer for the Town of Middleton since 2003. Ofc. Bartlett specializes in the analysis of motorcycle, heavy truck, and passenger car crashes, evaluation of automobile event data recorders and other highly technical aspects of crash investigations and by his peers, is one of the most recognized and respected Accident Reconstructionists in the United States, teaching and lecturing all over the country, participating in numerous conferences and seminars. While Ofc. Bartlett makes his living as an accident reconstructionist in both the criminal and civil arena, he is one of the most sought after experts by law enforcement accident reconstructionists in the State of New Hampshire, providing free training and lending his expertise to any police officer or department in the State that asks him. He volunteers on both the Belknap Regional Accident Investigation Team and the Strafford County Accident Reconstruction Team, teaches in-service classes to police officers, regardless of their department and the reconstruction teams and has been doing this for years.Ofc. Bartlett selflessly shares the knowledge and experience that he gains from around the country and helps ensure that New Hampshire crash investigators are kept up on the latest and most correct information so that these investigators and reconstructionists can better serve the people of the State of New Hampshire.  It is with the highest level of commitment to all members of the New Hampshire Law Enforcement community that Officer Wade Bartlett is awarded the 2015 New Hampshire Congressional Law Enforcement Award for Dedication and Professionalism.”

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