STEMbassadors logoIn the Spring of 2016, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences recently launched a new educational outreach initiative aimed at providing rich STEM educational experiences to the K-12 community throughout New Hampshire. 

STEMbassadors is a team of more than 50 CEPS students who are dedicated to providing inspiration, role models and hands on STEM activities to students. All nine academic departments within CEPS are represented, ensuring a wide-range of topics are delivered to the K-12 community. A list of the offered activities can be found here.

Mountain top students

In it's first year, group has reached 5,000 students at more than a dozen events. The program’s goal is to reach 2,500 students annually in all 10 New Hampshire counties. The initiative is collaborating with other University STEM outreach entities to offer professional development opportunities for educators as well.

The new initiative was inspired by the 2015 North Country STEMfest, where 16 students and seven faculty members provided a STEM rich educational experience to more than 400 students in 10 schools in the northern part of the state. The event also included a professional development program for more than two-dozen educators.

The STEMbassadors returned the the North Country and added visits to Lancaster, Groveton and Conway prior to hosting the second annual North Country STEMfest. The group also hosts annual events in Sullivan County and the southwestern area of New Hampshire. 

Those interested in learning more about the STEMbassadors should contact outreach manager Brooks Payette at