Tech Kid U


Tech Kid U is sponsored by the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Middle school students will have the opportunity to explore the world of science and engineering in FUN and engaging projects. The program will run for three consecutive Saturdays and features hands-on projects and problem solving in topics related to science and engineering. Small class size and in-depth format encourage extensive student-project leader interaction and allow students to immerse themselves the problem-solving process.

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Saturdays March 10, 17 & 24, 2018 ( March 31 snow date)
Morning and Afternoon Sessions
Open grades 5 through 8


Kingsbury & Parsons Hall @ Durham Campus
Cost: $175 per 3-week project


Carmela Amato-Wierda, Faculty Director



Can You Save Us ??!! 

Grades 5-8, 1-4 pm

There’s a lone box in the middle of the room.  It's locked.  A timer is ticking down.  Strange looking letters, shapes, symbols and numbers are posted all over the walls.  Can you connect the clues and think outside the box, to get inside the box?  Can you do all this before the timer stops, and???!!!  Will there be a zombie apocalypse? Will the evil villain destroy the planet?  We need you!

Shipwreck Survival Challenge

Grades 5-8, 9 am – noon

You and your team are shipwrecked on a deserted island.  All you have left is a crate with materials you saved from the ship.  Can you design and build all you need to survive the island and return home? Can you construct a hut to withstand a small windstorm? Are you able to build a bridge to get past a ravine? How could you signal for help?  Time is limited.  Will you survive? 

Game Design Jam

Grades 5-8,  9 am – noon

Come one, come all, game lovers of all kinds! Take your love of games to the next level and exercise your creative muscle at Game Design Jam! You will work in pairs to design, prototype, and test digital and non-digital games based on their interests. In the first session you will learn about the key elements of game design and prototype both a digital and non-digital game. In the following sessions partners will pursue the game design of their choice and work on developing it with the use of peer feedback. At the end of the final session you will show off your creation! A variety of materials will be provided to allow for creation of non-digital games. For digital games, campers will use Kodu, a computer based application from Microsoft that does NOT require any prior coding experience or knowledge.

Murder Science Laboratory

Grades 5-8, 9 am - noon

A body lies on the floor in front of you.  Who is it?  Who did it?  Why?  How?  You need to search the crime scene and find the possible evidence.  You will use laboratory tools to analyze the evidence and find clues to the killer’s identity.  Can you bring down the killer before murder happens again?  Come join us and learn about crime scene science and engineering.

Science Mystery Escape Room

Grades 5-8, 1-4 pm

Dr. Benoobleck’s laboratory has been vandalized.  His chemical ingredients are all gone along with his laboratory notebooks.  Luckily the thieves missed his hidden vial of potion.  Can you help him figure out the ingredients?  You’ll be putting into action all sorts of concoctions that fizz, pop, heat, and change color! When you mix, stir and scrutinize, you’ll unlock new clues that will lead you to the answer... and ultimately A PRIZE! Be warned, you’re up against the clock, but you’ll be working together. Back by popular demand, we’ll be solving these Escape Room Adventures in a science mystery laboratory! Come on in, discover and have fun!

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