• Mentor Success

    UNH Geologist Jo Laird is named the Educator of the Year by the Association of Women Geoscientists >> More

  • Spark-ing Innovation

    Mutiple CEPS led research is featured in the 2015 Spark Research Review >> More

  • Youth Engagement

    Local middle school students recently took part in an array of STEM activities during a visit to UNH >> More

  • Sustainable Success

    With a degree, experience and multiple awards under his belt, Ian Gagnon '15 will pursue a graduate degree at UNH >> More

  • Hands-on Experience

    See how graduate research benefits undergraduate students in our classrooms >> Watch

  • Storm Safety

    In an ABC News Report, Physics Professor Joseph Dwyer offers safety tips to follow during lightning storms.

  • Teaching Excellence

    Gray, Boucher, Qiaoyan recognized with teaching awards >> More

Alumni Spotlight

Darren Benoit '93 was recognized nationally for civil engineer advocacy by the American Society of Civil Engineers >> More

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UNH Engineeristas: Girls & Engineering
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