UNH Center for Infrastructure Resilience to Climate


UCIRC’s Mission

The UNH Center for Infrastructure Resilience to Climate (UCIRC) is dedicated to accelerating and advancing the development of new methods and approaches to planning, design, and operation and maintenance of climate and weather resilient transportation and building infrastructure systems. Additionally, UCIRC will develop and implement effective public policy solutions concerning these pressing issues.

The Center brings together UNH faculty for interdisciplinary and collaborative research to face the multi-dimensional issues of creating resilient transportation and building infrastructure systems. This center builds on the leading-edge work currently being conducted by the Infrastructure and Climate Network (ICNet). UCIRC will also work hand-in-hand with the private sector, providing engineering companies with the intellectual resources to be more competitive and to bring innovative research to market.

UCIRC’s goals are to:

  • provide a centralized venue and forum to engage academic, industry, agency and public partners to share their expertise, best practices, and challenges;
  • develop products and tools that support research, education, and policy.

The research goal of the Center is to create new knowledge and a holistic understanding of climate impacts on transportation and building infrastructure in order to make resilient infrastructure through design, policy, planning, and operations and maintenance. These impacts include changing climate, sea level rise, and extreme weather events that are not currently or explicitly considered in transportation or building infrastructure as a normal part of practice.  In addition to extreme weather events that may cause catastrophic failures, the research conducted through the Center will be evaluating cumulative effects of smaller, more frequent events. 

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