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High School Senior Teams Up With UNH Grad Student

Mr. Josh Reynolds (Senior, York High School, York, ME) has been working under the supervision of Mr. Zane Relethford (Ph.D. Student, Caputo research group) to synthesize porphyrin-like tetraamine ligands en route to the preparation of new catalysts for solar fuel generation. Josh started volunteering in the Caputo group over the summer and decided to continue his research into the school year, aiming to get as much experience as possible before heading off to college next fall. With Zane’s encouragement and tutelage, Josh has learned a variety of synthetic techniques including inert atmosphere synthesis and flash column chromatography. He has been doing lots of reading and is beginning to be able to analyze his own NMR data! What a great team. Keep up the good work Josh!


Josh Reynolds, a senior at York High school works with Zane Relethford, a UNH Chemistry grad student
Zane and Josh at work in the laboratory. 


Chemistry Headlines


Alum Dr. David Ellis Luncheons with SURF Award Recipients

I am very grateful to Dr. Ellis for his generous funding of my project and thoroughly enjoyed meeting him for lunch.

Dr. David Ellis and Surf Award recipients smiling





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The Prof. N. Dennis Chasteen Fellowship

small photo of ChasteenPlease help us achieve our goal of $200,000 by having your gift matched dollar for dollar. 




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Grants Awarded to Study Converting Sunlight Into Energy-Rich Fuels and Data Storage

Li and Caputo were awarded $598,335 for their proposal aimed at converting sunlight into liquid fuels that could heat homes, power cars, and more. The abstract of their proposal can be found here.



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Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL)

students meeting for PLTL

Since 2001, more than 400 students who were successful in general or organic chemistry at UNH have volunteered to help their peers become stronger learners. 


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