Seminar Series

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Grad Student/Company Title
August 30, 2019 Dr. Harish Vashisth   CHE Graduate Student Orientation 
September 20, 2019 Dr. Athanassios Panagiotopoulos Princeton University TBD
September 27, 2019 Dr. Chunsheng Wang University of Maryland TBD
October 4, 2019     Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop
 October 11, 2019 Alexander Redfearn and
Gagandeep Dhillon
University of New Hampshire, Department of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students TBD - Research Seminar
October 18, 2019 Dr. Friederike Jentoft University of Massachusetts, Amherst TBD
November 8, 2019   DAB Meeting TBD