Experimental Space Plasma Group

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This is a collaboration of researchers working on several distinct Space Science projects. The 14 Professors, Research Professors, and Research Scientists in this program are using data from UNH instruments carried on the ACE, AMPTE, Cluster, Equator-S, FAST, IBEX, Polar, STEREO, SOHO, and Wind satellites. In addition, UNH researchers are actively involved in the development and building of the Magnetosphere MultiScale (MMS) and Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) missions. Data also are taken by instruments on sounding rockets and by ground based detectors. Most of the UNH experiments have concentrated on the measurement of electrons and of ions with various charges and masses. These data are analyzed in conjunction with magnetometer and electric field data measured by detectors developed either at UNH or at other collaborating institutions. The regions studied range from the solar wind or interplanetary plasma to the Earth's bow shock, magnetosheath, magnetosphere, and auroral regions.

Professors: Roy Torbert, Eberhard Mobius, Lynn Kistler, Toni Galvin, Charlie Farrugia, Harald Kucharek, Chuck Smith and Marc Lessard