Materials Science

  • Illustration of SEM Electron Microscope
    UNH wins NSF MRI Grant for state of the art SEM The Materials Science Program takes great benefit from this and had several contributors to the MRI grant (Profs. Gross (PI), Kinsey, Tsavalas, Pohl, Miller and Krzanowski). Please see the University Instrumentation Center webpage for more detail.

The Materials Science Program at the University of New Hampshire offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees to qualified students interested in interdisciplinary programs that emphasize the synthesis, characterization and utilization of nanoscale materials.  Students learn about the interplay of structure, processing, characterization, and properties of materials with useful applications. Our seventeen faculty members are active collaborators with research and development groups located around the world, and are experienced in managing research projects with practical results. Our graduates work in research, engineering and process development positions in a variety of fields. We welcome inquiries from prospective students and collaborators interested in the Materials Science Program and its resources.