Faculty Areas of Expertise




Gregory Chini


Fluid Dynamics/Physical Applied Mathematics

Mathematical analysis and computational modeling of geophysical (especially oceanographic), environmental, biological and industrial flows.


Diane Foster


Ocean Engineering

Fluid-sediment interactions in coastal environments, ocean bottom boundary layer and sediment dynamics, fluid-structure-Sediment of submarine objects (i.e. mines, piers), Optical and wireless sensor development for ocean applications, suspension and transport of mixed-grain sediment.


Brad Kinsey



Electromagnetic forming and magnetic pulsed welding, materials characterization, stress based failure criterion evaluation, microforming.


Marko Knezevic


Materials Behavior

Understanding of materials behavior under complex loading using a combination of computational methods and experiments, development of constitutive material models, design and manufacturing at component levels, materials design at microstructural length scales, as well as the development of high-performance computational applications integrating multi-scale material models for predicting materials behavior.


John McHugh


Fluid Dynamics

Internal waves in the atmosphere of earth and other planets, origins of the deep ocean circulations, and non-linear waves on the surface of a fluid.


May-Win Thein


System Dynamics

Nonlinear estimation and control with particular emphasis on spacecraft, quadcopters, extraterrestrial surface navigation and exploration and autonomous/remotely operated surface and underwater marine vehicles.


Igor Tsukrov


Mechanics of Materials/ Ocean Engineering

Micromechanics and fracture of composite materials, modeling of marine aquaculture and ocean energy installations, computational solid mechanics and finite element method.


Christopher White


Fluid Mechanics

Experimental fluid mechanics, combustion, energy conversion technologies, alternative energy.


Martin Wosnik

Associate Professor

Fluid and Thermal Sciences

Renewable energy applications, marine renewable energy, wind energy , turbulent flows, high-speed hydrodynamics, cavitation, flow measurement and hydraulic modeling.

Nathan Laxague

Assistant Professor

Ocean Engineering/Fluid Dynamics Field observational and laboratory experimental studies of air-sea interaction, ocean surface wave hydrodynamics, marine-atmosphere coupled boundary layer dynamics, geophysical turbulence.

Julianna Gesun


Engineering Education

Engineering Thriving: the process by which engineering programs facilitate the environments for students to develop optimal functioning in undergraduate engineering programs; non-cognitive factors (such as ethics, motivation, and wellbeing) that support engineering student success; diverse, inclusive, assessable, and equitable engineering education; mentorship and advising practices for neurodiverse engineering students

Theresa Oehmke

Postdoc Research Associate

Fluid Mechanics Transport of particles and pollutants in the environment, laboratory experiments, environmental fluid mechanics, turbulence, non-spherical particles, mass transport.

Tracy Mandel

Assistant Professor

Ocean Engineering/Fluid Dynamics

Environmental fluid mechanics, flow through coastal ecosystems, ecohydraulics, canopy flows, density-driven flows, coastal hydrodynamics, experimental methods.