CEE Fall 2022 Courses

Listed below are the content delivery and assessment plans for the CEE courses for Fall 2022 as of March 18, 2022.  This information may change based on the changing circumstances related to public health.  This page will be updated if plans change.

For additional information on UNH Covid-19 Updates and Safety Guidelines please visit: https://www.unh.edu/coronavirus

Please see the course Canvas site and/or contact the course instructor for specific questions/concerns related to an individual course.

Click on course name below for course descriptions. These documents are for student’s planning purposes only, actual course syllabus and policy documents will be provided to students on first day of classes.

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CEE 400

Intro to Civil Engineering

CEE 500


CEE 635

Engineering Materials

CEE 700


CEE 402


CEE 502

Project Engineering

CEE 650

Fluid Mechanics

CEE 703

Site Design/Proj Development

CEE 403


CEE 520

Env. Poll & Protection

CEE 680

Classical Structural Analysis

CEE 705

Intro Sustainable Engineering

CEE 404

Surveying and Mapping


CEE 719

Green Building Design

CEE 420

Environmental Eng Lectures 1




CEE 720

Solid & Hazardous Waste Eng




CEE 721

Environmental Sampl & Analysis







CEE 722

Intro Marine Pollution & Control







CEE 723

Environmental Water Chemistry







CEE 730

Public Health Engineering


CEE 735

Properties/Production Concrete


CEE 748

Pavement Design Project


CEE 749

Pavement Design


CEE 751

Open Channel Flow







CEE 759

Stream Restoration







CEE 778

Foundation Design I


CEE 780

Matrix Structural Analysis & Model







CEE 791

Reinforced Concrete Design







CEE 796.1

Design Hydraulic Struc.

            CEE 796.3 Marine Geotechnics







CEE 797

Intro Project Planning & Design


CEE 798

Project Planning and Design