Civil & Environmental Engineering Advisory Board

Following are some of the primary roles of the advisory board:

  • Advise faculty on desired program outcomes, learning objectives, and other educational issues, as constituents representing the community of employers of graduates
  • Provide advice on the needs of and trends within engineering practice
  • Provide and access resources for the department, to include serving as a fund-raising body
  • Help recruit practitioners to support faculty’s needs for adjunct instruction
  • Serve as industry contacts for faculty
  • Promote industry support for internship programs
  • Support department research activities
  • Serve as a lobby group for civil engineering education causes


The board shall consist of professionals from all pertinent Civil & Environmental Engineering disciplines with experience in the public and private sector. At the advice of the department faculty, twelve members were selected and were appointed by the Chair of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department for a three year term (renewable).


The advisory board will meet a minimum of twice per year, for about one day each time. Prior to each meeting, the Chair of the Advisory Board in close consultation with the Chair of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department will issue an agenda for distribution to all board members and the Civil & Environmental Engineering faculty.

Advisory Board Members

Civil Engineering Advisory Board Environmental Engineering Advisory Board
Amy Blomeke

Amy Blomeke, P.E.

John Durant, Ph.D. 
Anthony Coviello

Anthony D. Coviello

Geoffrey Grant, P.E.
Todd Fratzel

Todd M. Fratzel

Cynthia M. Klevens, P.E.
Marya Gorczyca

Marya E. Gorczyca

Tiffany Knapp
Charles Head

Charles L. Head

James R. Mihelcic, Ph.D., BCEEM
Dana Humphrey

Dana N. Humphrey, Ph.D., P.E.

Lynne Santos
Gary Lemay

Gary Lemay, P.E.

Leah Stanton, P.E.
Matthew Low

Matthew J. Low, P.E.

Laura Thompson, Ph.D.
Denise Markow

Denise Markow, P.E.

Michael Wimsatt
Duncan Mellor

Duncan C. Mellor

Charles Pierce

Charles E. Pierce

Keith Pratt

Keith A. Pratt, P.E.

Stephen Ransom

Stephen B. Ransom

Charles Russo

Charles J. Russo, P. E.

Jody Trunfio

Jody Trunfio, P.E.