CEE Spring 2024 Courses

 CEE Spring 2024 Courses

Listed below are the content delivery and assessment plans for the CEE courses for Spring 2024 as of October 6, 2023.  This information may change based on the changing circumstances related to public health.  This page will be updated if plans change.

For additional information on UNH Covid-19 Updates and Safety Guidelines please visit: https://www.unh.edu/coronavirus

Please see the course Canvas site and/or contact the course instructor for specific questions/concerns related to an individual course.

Click on course name below for course descriptions. These documents are for student’s planning purposes only, actual course syllabus and policy documents will be provided to students on first day of classes.

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CEE 402


CEE 500


CEE 620

Fundamental Aspects of Eng

CEE 719

Green Building Design

CEE 403


CEE 501

Strength of Materials

CEE 665

Soil Mechanics

CEE 724

Environmental Engineering Microbiology


CEE 502

Project Engineering


CEE 731

Adv Water Treatment Processes


CEE 505

Intro to Sustainable Engineering


CEE 732

Solid and Hazardous Waste Design



CEE 520

Env. Poll & Protection



CEE 733

Pub Infrastructure Asses Mgt







CEE 736

Asphalt Mixtures and Construction


CEE 754

Engineering Hydrology







CEE 755

Design of Pressurized Water Transmission Systems


CEE 766

Intro to Geotec Earthquake Engineering







CEE 779

Foundation Design II


CEE 781

Dynamics of Structures


CEE 793

Structural Design in Steel


CEE 794

Bridge Design







CEE 797

Intro Project Planning & Design


CEE 798

Project Planning and Design


CEE 799H

Senior Honors Thesis