Calculus Placement

Any student who wants to take MATH 425, Calculus I, MUST Meet the prerequisite by either:
  • a grade of C or better in MATH 418, Analysis & Applications of Functions
  • a score of 4 or better on the AP Calculus AB exam
  • a score of 3 or better on the AP Calculus BC exam
  • or a qualifying score on the ALEKS PPL Mathematics Placement Assessment.

About the evaluation

Students arrive with a wide range of mathematical skills based upon their high school experience. A solid mathematics foundation is important for students to enjoy an enriched first-semester experience and be adequately prepared for success in their program. Students take the ALEKS PPL Placement Assessment to determine which course is the best fit for their academic development.

The initial mathematics entry course is MATH 418, Analysis and Applications of Functions. Students who demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in algebra and precalculus through the ALEKS Placement Assessment are enrolled in MATH 425, Calculus I.

Any student who has taken MATH 418 but did not earn a grade of C or better may NOT take the ALEKS PPL Placement Assessment as a means of entrance into MATH 425.

ALEKS placement test for Calculus I (MATH 425) details:

How you take the test will depend on which college you are enrolled in: 

  • Incoming first-year CEPS students who plan to enroll in MATH 425 in the Fall 2023 semester, please visit the University Sponsored MATH 425 Placement page.
  • Incoming first-year COLA students intending to transfer into CEPS, who plan to enroll in MATH 425 in the Fall 2023 semester, please email the University Advising Center at
  • All other students intending to take MATH 425 in the Fall 2023 semester, please visit the MATH 425 Placement page.