Honors in Major


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    UNH Honors Program Requirements

    Please refer to the UNH Honors Program website for more information on the requirements for the University Honors Program.

    UNH Honors Program

    Ocean Engineering Honors in Major Program Requirements

    1. Students are required to maintain a 3.50 grade-point average in major coursework.
    2. Students must successfully complete three 600- or 700-level courses along with the companion Honors Seminar (OE 797) for each course. The regular OE course plus the associated Honors Seminar constitute a complete mechanical engineering honors-course experience. Each semester, a select number of 600- or 700-level courses will be available as both regular courses and as part of an honors-course experience. For each of these courses, there will also be a related Honors Seminar open only to qualified students. By registering for the Honors Seminar as well as the regular course, an additional credit will be earned beyond those normally awarded. Honors students will attend the regular meetings and fulfill the usual requirements of these courses and also meet an hour more each week (as part of the seminar) for additional instruction and assignments.
    3. Students must successfully complete TECH 797 as their Senior Design Experience. This requirement will be directed by a faculty adviser and consist of at least four credits. A written report will be submitted upon completion of research.