Programming Assistance Center

The Programming Assistance Center (PAC) is a support center for students taking early programming classes in the Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) curricula. Students can receive help on assignments from the class TAs or from peer tutors who have taken similar courses in the past. We're not here to do your programs for you, but we will help you with finding bugs and with helping you understand what you need to make progress on your program.

The PAC is free to use for students. We are supported by the Computer Science Department and the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

The PAC is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students who have had experience using one or more programming languages in other parts of their careers. All PAC staff members are those that have performed well in the classes they are now supporting.



The PAC is located on the second floor of Kingsbury Hall in Room N216

Services Offered

Drop-In Help

Whenever the PAC is open, you can drop in and receive guidance from our peer tutors and TAs. Drop-in help is heavily utilized and, if the PAC is busy, may be limited to 10-minutes at a time.


This option is only for those that feel like they need more conceptual assistance. Tutoring is for long-term help and the tutors will not provide assistance on individual projects or programs.


The Programming Assistance Center (PAC) supports the following classes:

CS 410 CS 415 CS 416
CS 417 CS 419 CS 420
CS 457