Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Policy

The Faculty Senate recently passed a motion allowing undergraduate students to switch any or all of their letter-grade courses to a Pass/Fail grade. Students who do not initiate a change by April 28th will receive their normal letter grade.

This option is available for major and non-major courses. However, if students opt for Pass/Fail in IT 403, IT 502, IT 505, IT 520, CS 410C/P, CS 414/415, CS 416/417, CS 515, or CS 520, the Computer Science department will track their letter grades (separately from official transcripts) and use them to apply the existing minimum grade requirement of C- for using any of these courses as a major requirement and/or prerequisite. This applies to all major programs in the Computer Science department.

Students who have questions regarding a potential switch to Pass/Fail for a course are encouraged to contact the course’s instructor and/or their advisor as soon as possible.