Randolph W. Chapman Colloquium

River and mountain

All colloquia are on Thursdays at 3:40 p.m. in James 254 unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be available. Please feel free to call ahead for confirmation of the schedule, as changes sometimes occur, at 603-862-1718, or email at earth.sciences@unh.edu

January 30, 2020

"The Late Quaternary Sea-Level Record of Ireland: The World's Most Complicated?"

Joseph Kelley

School of Earth and Climate Sciences
University of Maine, Orono

February 13, 2020

"UAV-based Remote Sensing in the Geosciences"

Timothy S. de Smet
Research Assistant Professor

Director of Geophysics & Remote Sensing Laboratory
Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies
Binghamton University

February 20, 2020

"Floods and Forcings: Exploring Glacial Lake Flood Events in New England following Deglaciation"

Simon Pendleton
Postdoctoral Scholar

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

March 12, 2020

"It’s Getting Hot in Here: Thermal Metamorphism of the Least Equilibrated CK Chondrite"

Tasha L. Dunn
Associate Professor of Geology

Colby College
Waterville, ME

March 26, 2020 - CANCELED

"Sulfur: The Final Frontier"

Alicia M. Cruz-Uribe
Edward Sturgis Grew Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology
School of Earth and Climate Sciences
University of Maine, Orono

April 2, 2020 - CANCELED

"How Plate Tectonics Drove Continental Climate Change in Australia"

Beth Christensen
IODP Ocean Discovery Lecture Series
Professor and Chair 
Department of Environmental Science
Rowan University

April 9, 2020 - CANCELED

"New Constraints on Ancient Atmospheric Gas Concentrations from Fluid Inclusions in Surface Materials"

Elizabeth (Betsey) Pettitt
Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY


April 16, 2020 - CANCELED

"An Alaskan Perspective on the Evolution of the Arctic"

Justin Strauss
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth College