Randolph W. Chapman Colloquium

River and mountain
All colloquia are on Thursdays at 3:40 p.m. in James Hall 254, unless noted below.  Please feel free to email earth.sciences@unh.edu for confirmation of the schedule, as changes sometimes occur.

February 8, 2024

“UNH's Research Fieldwork Safety Program​:  Resources and Trainings for Fostering Safe and Inclusive Fieldwork Experiences”

Dr. Sophie Burke
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Earth Systems Science Center
Research Fieldwork Safety Coordinator
UNH Environmental Health & Safety

Includes a Panel Discussion with members of the UNH Research Field Safety Committee  (Sophie Burke, Elizabeth Burakowski, Kate Gladstone, and Jane Stapleton)

February 22, 2024

"Glacially-Driven Changes in Submarine Hydrothermal Activity” 

Dr. Jennifer Middleton
Assistant Research Professor, Geochemistry
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University

February 29, 2024

"Deformation and Strength of the Earth’s Lithosphere

Dr. Brent Delbridge
Scientist II

Geophysics Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, UNH

March 7, 2024

"The Gulf Stream Has Weakened”

Dr. Chris Piecuch
Associate Scientist, Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

March 15, 2024 *Note Friday, 1:00-2:00

“The Kanarra Fold-Thrust Structure: The Leading Edge of the Sevier Fold-and-Thrust Belt in Southwest Utah” 

Dr. John Hogan
Associate Professor of Geology
Missouri University of Science and Technology

March 28, 2024

"Modern Coastal Tempestite Deposition by a Non-Local Storm: Swell Generated Transport and Washover Deposition of Sand and Boulders on Eleuthera, The Bahamas" 

Dr. Kat Wilson
Assistant Professor
Earth and Env. Sciences
Boston College

April 4, 2024- CANCELED

“An Alaskan Perspective on the Evolution of the Arctic” 

Dr. Justin Strauss
Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth College

April 18, 2024

"Uncovering Bering Land Bridge History Using the Marine Nitrogen Cycle” 

Dr. Jesse Farmer
Assistant Professor of Geology and Paleoclimate
University of Massachusetts, Boston