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The centrality of the Earth sciences in today’s society cannot be underestimated. Increased global population and accelerating industrialization are stressing the Earth system in complex ways, generating strong public interest in finding solutions to these environmental problems. Although rapid technological advances are improving our ability to make observations of Earth processes at all scales, it will require a rigorously trained generation of geoscientists to use these new technologies and interpret their informational products in order to discover lasting environmental solutions.

The Department of Earth Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines including geology, hydrology, oceanography, geochemistry, climate science, and geophysics. It provides students with the rigorous training needed to meet the scientific challenges of the future through a combination of personalized learning opportunities and participation in compelling interdisciplinary scientific research. A degree in Earth Sciences is the pathway to multiple options. The curriculum is balanced between preparing students for immediate employment and further learning in graduate school. Recent graduates can be found within organizations such as NOAA, USGS, AECOM, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Stantec, Nobis, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and many more employers.

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