Graduate Program FAQs

Students can be admitted into the Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate program without having an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. These students are usually admitted under provisional status, given that they do not have a background within the intended field of graduate study. Applicants admitted under provisional status must meet specific criteria. Generally, this criteria includes the completion of undergraduate civil engineering coursework, stated at the time of admission. Provisional admission can be changed to regular graduate student status once all requirements have been fulfilled.

Students should contact faculty members in their area of interest to determine what coursework would be required based on their individual background.

Application fees can not be waived. Applications are not processed until the application fee has been received.

The GRE is not required for admission. However, individual faculty members may request GRE scores for funding decisions. 

There is no minimum GPA requirement. 


If you are an international applicant, you must first fill out the pre-application form online.  The department reviews your pre-application and if it is accepted, you are allowed to submit a full application.

Pre-Application Form

Full applications are submitted online through the UNH Graduate School.  Once all your application materials have been received by the graduate school, your application is sent to the department.  The department reviews your application and makes a recommendation on admission to the graduate school.   The graduate school makes the final decision and notifies the applicant.

UNH Graduate School

You may check the current status of your application materials online.  If you have questions regarding status once the application is under review by the department, contact the department administrative assistant.

Typically, applications take 2-3 weeks for review in the department.

The deadline for full financial aid consideration for applicants applying for the Fall semester is February 15th.   Students applying for the Spring semester should have their applications completed by October 15th for full financial aid consideration.

Teaching Assistant (TA) assignments are made by faculty groups and Research Assistantships are offered by individual faculty members. Therefore, if you want to be considered for financial aid, you are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members in your area of interest. 

The number of teaching assistant (TA) and research assistant (RA) positions varies from year to year, as does the number of applicants, so there is not a fixed percentage of students that are funded every year. 

You should contact the faculty members in your area of interest as you are in the process of applying. 


Please do not forward documents to the department, these should be included with your application. The department can not review and make a decision from your emailed documents.

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) should be contacted if you have any questions regarding your J1 visa, forms or required paperwork.

If you wish to defer email, with the new term that you would like to defer your application for. After your application is deferred, it will be sent back to the department for another review.