Mathematics (M.S.)

Mathematics (M.S.)
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Why get a master’s degree in pure mathematics?

The Master of Science degree in pure mathematics is an opportunity to advance and solidify an understanding of the mathematical sciences. Study at the master’s level allows the student to focus exclusively on mathematics. Such study can be a point of entry for a career in industry or can lead to doctoral study. Many alumni of the program are currently employed as teachers at local community colleges, while some go on to careers in industry. Many also continue to Ph.D. programs.

Why choose the UNH pure mathematics program?

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNH is small enough to foster direct and meaningful contact between faculty mentors and student peers. The central areas of study are analysis, algebra and topology. In all these areas, master’s students interact with a group of active, highly respected scholars. Our program allows a student to choose various electives, leading to an overview of statistics, mathematics education and applied mathematics. The culminating experience for the master’s program is an oral exam before a committee nominated by the student with departmental approval.

Potential Careers

  • Academia 
  • Industry

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Curriculum & Requirements

The mission of the Mathematics and Statistics program is twofold: to prepare students for a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in business, industry, government and the teaching professions; and to provide deep and significant exposure to the mathematical sciences.

Admission Requirement

Applicants for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees must have completed significant undergraduate coursework in mathematics, preferably in algebra, analysis, and topology.

M.S. Degree Requirements

This program requires 30 credit hours, consisting of at least 10 semester courses approved by the department and chosen from MATH courses numbered MATH 801- MATH #899, MATH 931-MATH 978 and IAM courses IAM 830-IAM 962. The following stipulations apply:

  • At least five of the 10 courses must be chosen from MATH 931-MATH 978 or from 900-level IAM courses.
  • At least three courses must be chosen from MATH 931-MATH 955.
  • Courses in MATH 900 through MATH 929 may not be used to satisfy course requirements.
  • With approval of the graduate committee, two non-MATH graduate-­level courses taken at UNH may be used to satisfy course requirements.

As a concluding experience the student will take a two-hour oral examination in the three areas of analysis, algebra and topology.  The student proposes the membership of the examining committee for the approval of the Graduate Program Committee.

  • Students possess advanced competence in three basic branches of mathematics, topology, algebra and analysis, comprising both content knowledge and the ability to reason with and communicate such knowledge.
  • Students possess significant exposure to graduate level content in the broader mathematical sciences.
  • Students possess significant depth of graduate-level knowledge in some area(s) of mathematics.

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