Scholarships & Financial Aid

Each year, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences awards many scholarships to its students. These awards of several hundred to several thousand dollars honor the recipients and are normally applied to tuition for the following year. Various benefactors of the college, often CEPS alumni, have established endowments that fund these scholarships.

In addition to the CEPS-Industry scholarships, CEPS students are eligible for nearly 100 different scholarships by the generous support of alumni, industry and professional groups. While some are based on financial need, many recognize merit alone. Some target specific areas of study or research at UNH, while others may focus on students from a particular region or high school. Other factors that may be considered include campus involvement, leadership ability, military status and others. Most awardees are continuing full-time students with a GPA of at least 3.0.

To be eligible for an award, and to ensure that students are matched appropriately with scholarships, students must complete an online scholarship application. The scholarship application process begins in late November, with an email from the CEPS Dean’s Office, and concludes with recipient selection and notification in May. These scholarships are for continuing students and scholarship funds are applied toward the next academic year.

If you still have additional questions about this process, please contact your department advisor.

Scholarship descriptions

Noyce Scholarship

The Noyce Scholarship supports students who are planning to be science or math teachers in grades 6-12.  The support can be for junior, senior and one year of graduate school.  We also can provide you with teaching opportunities as an undergraduate, to test your interest in teaching.
Noyce Website

UNH Office of National Fellowships

The UNH Fellowships Office provides information, counsel, and editorial support to highly motivated students (undergraduates, graduate students, and UNH alumni) applying for national and international fellowships and scholarships. Located in Conant 118A,  the Office also assists faculty members who serve as mentors/references, and coordinates campus interviews and nominations.
Office of national fellowships website