Earth Sciences B.A.

The Bachelor or Arts in Earth Sciences is offered through the Department of Earth Sciences. This program provides students an opportunity to obtain a broad education and a general background in the earth sciences with a greater degree of freedom in choosing electives than in the bachelor of science programs. By careful choice of electives, students can prepare for graduate school, business, or industry.

Degree Requirements

Satisfy all University General Education Requirements or Discovery Program Requirements*

  1. Satisfy all University Discovery Program Requirements
  2. Satisfy the bachelor of arts degree requirements
  3. Complete a minimum of eight courses in the department (with a C- or better), including ESCI 401, The Dynamic Earth, or ESCI 409, Geology and the Environment; ESCI 402, Earth History; ESCI 512, Principles of Mineralogy; and five upper-level courses, two of which must be 700 or above.
  4. Math requirements: 425, Calculus I, and 426, Calculus II
    • It is strongly advised that students complete, as early as possible, a year each of college chemistry and physics.
  5. Senior Capstone

Resume and an idealized course schedule by semester for undergraduates interested in the BA in Earth Sciences option can be found here.