Larry Mayer

Phone: (603) 862-2615
Office: Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping, Chase Ocean Engineering Lab, Durham, NH 03824
Larry Mayer


  • Ph.D., Geology/Earth Science, University of California
  • Ph.D., Geophysics and Seismology, University of California
  • B.S., Geology/Earth Science, University of Rhode Island

Courses Taught

  • ESCI 875: Ocean Mapping II
  • ESCI 973: Seafloor Characterization
  • OE 990: Ocean Seminars I
  • OE 991: Ocean Seminars II
  • OE 999: Doctoral Research

Selected Publications

Weidner, E., Weber, T. C., Mayer, L., Jakobsson, M., Chernykh, D., & Semiletov, I. (2019). A wideband acoustic method for direct assessment of bubble-mediated methane flux. Continental Shelf Research, 173, 104-115. doi:10.1016/j.csr.2018.12.005

Jakobsson, M., Hogan, K. A., Mayer, L. A., Mix, A., Jennings, A., Stoner, J., . . . Stranne, C. (2018). The Holocene retreat dynamics and stability of Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland. Nature Communications, 9(1). doi:10.1038/s41467-018-04573-2

Malik, M., Lurton, X., & Mayer, L. (2018). A framework to quantify uncertainties of seafloor backscatter from swath mapping echosounders. Marine Geophysical Research, 39(1-2), 151-168. doi:10.1007/s11001-018-9346-7

Ballard, R. D., Raineault, N. A., Fahy, J., Mayer, L., Heffron, E., Broad, K., . . . Krasnosky, K. (2018). Submerged Sea Caves of Southern California's Continental Borderland. OCEANOGRAPHY, 31(1), 30-31. Retrieved from

Stranne, C., Mayer, L., Weber, T. C., Ruddick, B. R., Jakobsson, M., Jerram, K., . . . Gårdfeldt, K. (2017). Acoustic Mapping of Thermohaline Staircases in the Arctic Ocean. Scientific Reports, 7(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-15486-3

Jakobsson, M., Mayer, L., Coakley, B., Dowdeswell, J. A., Forbes, S., Fridman, B., . . . Weatherall, P. (2012). The International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Version 3.0. Geophysical Research Letters, 39(12), n/a. doi:10.1029/2012gl052219

Jakobsson, M., Macnab, R., Mayer, L., Anderson, R., Edwards, M., Hatzky, J., . . . Johnson, P. (2008). An improved bathymetric portrayal of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for ocean modeling and geological, geophysical and oceanographic analyses. Geophysical Research Letters, 35(7), n/a. doi:10.1029/2008gl033520

Jakobsson, M., Backman, J., Rudels, B., Nycander, J., Frank, M., Mayer, L., . . . Moran, K. (2007). The early Miocene onset of a ventilated circulation regime in the Arctic Ocean. Nature, 447(7147), 986-990. doi:10.1038/nature05924

Hughes Clarke, J. E., Mayer, L. A., & Wells, D. E. (1996). Shallow-water imaging multibeam sonars: A new tool for investigating seafloor processes in the coastal zone and on the continental shelf. Marine Geophysical Researches, 18(6), 607-629. doi:10.1007/bf00313877

Berger, W. H., Adelseck, C. G., & Mayer, L. A. (1976). Distribution of carbonate in surface sediments of the Pacific Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research, 81(15), 2617-2627. doi:10.1029/jc081i015p02617

Most Cited Publications