Financial Aid

There are many kinds of financial aid available to graduate students. Aid comes in the form of grants, fellowships, assistantships, work-study, and loans, available from within the University and through outside agencies.

Financial Aid

Two Physics Students

Learning Assistant Program

A learning assistant (LA) is an undergraduate student who facilitates group work in 400 level courses.  There are three kinds of assignments for LA's (each LA has only one of these assignments)...

Learning Assistant Program 

Prospective Students Information

Why come to the UNH Physics Department?  Why study Physics?  What comes after getting a physics degree?  More Information...

Prospective Students

Society of Physics Students

SPS is a group of physics undergraduate students and anyone else who wants to connect with the physics community here at UNH. We strive to bring the UNH physics community together and connect undergraduate interests with faculty and university resources.