Society of Physics Students

You have reached the website of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) at the University of New Hampshire.

Society of Physics Students

The SPS is an organization for undergraduate students interested in physics who meet outside of physics classes.

It is a great place for students to meet and socialize with others who are similarly interested in physics, while also providing information on research opportunities, good classes to take, physics collequia, or even just actual physics from the upper level physics students.

SPS organizes recreational activities for our members such as movie nights, billiards nights, sport nights, open houses (with cool stuff like Liquid N2 ice cream), group lunches with physics faculty members, mountain hikes, among other activities.

Our UNH Chapter of SPS meets in the third floor Mezzanine of DeMeritt Hall. Our membership and activities are funded by the UNH Physics Department in exchange for free weekly tutoring sessions for all undergraduate physics classes (PHYS 400-799, though primarily 400- level courses).

UNH Physics Department

SPS Faculty Advisor : Olof Echt