Physics Library

There is a Physics branch of the UNH Library with which all graduate students are sure to become familiar. The holdings consist mostly of Physics and Astronomy books and journals. The librarian is always very helpful; don't be afraid to ask for help at any time.

There are several other libraries on campus. Kingsbury houses the Engineering/Math library; Parsons, the Chemistry Library; Kendall, the Life Sciences Library; and Dimond, the main library. It is not unusual to find that books or journals necessary for physics research in these other libraries.

Because the books are not in a centralized location, the On-Line Catalog is a valuable time saver. The On-line Catalog can be accessed from any terminal on campus and can tell the user if a book is in the UNH collection, which library it is in, and if it is currently available. See the librarian for details on how to access the Catalog.

Schedules: The physics library has two standard schedules. One for when school is in session, the other for holidays and summer time. Watch for notices announcing changes in the library hours.

School Year

Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm
Friday 8am-4:30pm
Saturday 1pm-5pm
Sunday 2pm-10pm


Summer and Holidays

Monday-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm (closed at lunch time)
  one evening each week

Borrowing Materials

Books: To check out books, just present your UNH ID. Books, theses, film loops, and audio cassettes are signed out for 4 weeks. You may also check out books on extended time (XT). This allows you to keep books until they are recalled in May of each year.

Journals: Bound and current journals can be checked out. New issues can be signed out only overnight, while older volumes can be signed out for 3 days.

Reserves: A list of all of the books on reserve is available at the library desk. If a book you want is on reserve, you need to ask a librarian for it. Reserves are generally 2 hours or 1 day. Two hour reserves can be signed out overnight if they are checked out within an hour of closing.

Inter-library Loan: If the library system on campus does not have something you need, it can be obtained through Inter-library loan. It can take 2 weeks to 6 months to fill requests, but it usually takes less than a month. If you want a book you will be allowed to borrow it, but for journal articles you will receive photocopies of the articles you request.


The copy machine in the Physics Department Office is for University business only. Teaching Assistants who wish to copy materials for their classes may use this machine to make copies.

The office copier is not for personal use. Use the copier machine in the library for personal items. Copy cards may be purchased in the main library or in the copy centers around campus.

Laboratory Equipment

Room 102 is the lab equipment room. The lab technician has an office there. The lab technician is responsible for setting up lab equipment. Lab TAs should see the technician if there is equipment that needs to be fixed or replaced or that is missing.

The equipment is also available for individual use. For example, students may need to borrow a piece of equipment to do demonstrations for a project with a local school or may just have some personal project they wish to work on. To borrow equipment, the borrower must check with the lab technician, to make sure it isn't needed for lab experiments. If it is okay, the equipment may be signed out. Sign it back in when it is returned. Please return the equipment promptly as it may be needed for laboratory experiments.

Computing Facilities

The University provides all students with accounts on a UNIX machine that can be used for electronic mail and other computer work. For more details, see There are several student computer clusters around campus with PC's and Macintosh computers. The Physics Department has a small cluster with PC's and LINUX machines.