Chemistry Awards 2020

Dear UNH Chemistry students, families and friends:

As we have done every year for many years, the chemistry faculty are pleased to recognize our most accomplished students. In years that are not complicated by a pandemic [thankfully, that is most years], we do this in person at our Annual Chemistry Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony is truly the highlight of our year as we honor our best and brightest students, meet their families and friends, and recognize the generous support of alumni and other friends of the department, both past and present. We are saddened that we cannot meet in person this year, but this does not in any way diminish the success of our students, nor the desire of the faculty to recognize their accomplishments.  As such, please enjoy this brochure which features the names of each and every award recipient, as well as a description of each award. 

To our awardees, congratulations. We are very proud of you. Chemistry is a challenging major, never more challenging than this year. But with great challenge comes the possibility of great rewards, especially for those like you that strive for excellence. If you are continuing in our program, we look forward to meeting again, in person, very soon. If you are graduating, we know that your future is bright and we look forward to learning about all of your accomplishments. Please stay in touch, and visit at every opportunity. 

Once again, congratulations!

With Kind Regards,

Glen Miller
Chair, Professor of Chemistry

Please join us in honoring our awardees by viewing our Awards Brochure, and Awards Slideshow.