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Why Study Chemistry at UNH?

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The chemistry program at The University of New Hampshire is small enough to be personal, but broad enough to provide excellent opportunities for challenge and growth. Besides a strong program of study, BA & BS students have state-of-the-art research opportunities with our tenured and tenure-track faculty, all of whom hold Ph.D. degrees and are research-active. BS students gain additional research experiences in their Senior Thesis capstone courses, a yearlong research project. Students have access to newly renovated laboratories for course labs and research. Upon graduation, Chemistry majors pursue careers in industry, or attend graduate school, or find success in a variety of professional programs where they may study medicine, pharmacology, dentistry, veterinary medicine, business, or law.


"Chemistry is everywhere. From agriculture to health care, chemistry extends life and improves its quality. From disposable diapers to space suits, chemistry provides new materials -- for clothing, shelter, and recreation. From computer chips to fiber optics, chemistry is the foundation of today's high technology."

American Chemical Society, 1987

A study in chemistry is the pathway to multiple options. These options range from a career in education, law, forensics, medicine, biotechnology, environmental protection, technical sales, semiconductors, and industrial chemical production. The potential is limitless. Students interested in pursuing chemistry as an undergraduate degree have two options available to them, which are based on their career plans.

Since the required chemistry courses in both degree programs are the same first year, it is easy to change from one program to another.

There are also options for a chemistry minor and an Honors curriculum. The capstone of our B.S. program is a thesis program that requires a year of study in one of our active research groups. There are many opportunities for undergraduate research in our Department.

Guide to Undergraduate Research

Guide to Chemistry Undergraduate Research


CEPS Scholarships

ACS- Hach Land Grant Scholarship

This $10,000 scholarship is supported by the American Chemical Society and the Hach Scientific Foundation administered through the University of New Hampshire, for the purpose of supporting chemistry majors who are pursuing a career in teaching.  At any point in time, two scholarships are available.


Any student is eligible, first-year through senior, who is enrolled full time at UNH as a chemistry major and who has expressed a commitment to become a high school chemistry teacher.  The student must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.  The student must have a 3.0 or above grade point average.

Continuing support

Continuing support for current awardees is available upon annual reapplication.  This opportunity extends to UNH undergraduates who continue through the UNH graduate education program for teacher certification.  A maximum of six years of support may be provided.   Awardees must maintain a minimum UNH GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a growing commitment to teaching. Awardees must agree to provide the American Chemical Society, which administers the awards, brief career updates for six years post-graduation, if ACS so requests (with copies or acknowledgement to the UNH Chemistry Department).


Applicants must submit the application form to the UNH Chemistry Department by March 20 (or deadline set by Department).  This applies to newly admitted students, transfer students, and continuing students.  Award notification will occur normally in early April.

Application form

The application form may be submitted electronically as an attached file to Cindi Rohwer, UNH Chemistry Department.     


Undergraduate Life

  • Kassie Picard with Prof. Art Greenberg at the 2018 URC

    Senior Kassie Picard wins first place in the 2018 URC. Pictured here with her advisor, Prof. Art Greenberg. 

  • Undergraduate students at the 2018 URC

    Undergraduates present at the 2018 URC

  • Alpha Chi Sigma

    Alpha Chi Sigma

  • 2018 Chemistry Award ceremony

    2018 Chemistry award ceremony