Chemistry Graduate Student Association

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

Founded in 2020, the Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA) serves as a liaison between graduate students and department faculty and staff. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment within the department. Current forefronts of our organization include mediating graduate student concerns, building on community outreach, and coordinating educational and fun events for the department!

Chemistry Graduate Student Association


Back Left to Right: Nick Pollak, Leo Povolotskiy, Patrick Strobel, Emily Andrews, Allison St. John; Front left to right: Christine Caputo, Esraa Ahmad, Lola Fadairo, Fran Skinner, Zahraa Albeshir, Alexa Green

Executive Board:

President – Emily Andrews

Vice President – Shaina Hughes

Secretary – Dylan Stolba

Treasurer – Son Nguyen

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Christine Caputo

Mission Statement:

The UNH Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is an organization which serves to represent the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars of the chemistry department. The primary objective of this association is one which enhances both the social and professional experiences of our students. This objective is  accomplished by hosting official meetings to encourage open discussion between our department's students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, our chemistry community is strengthened by regularly-planned events that are fun and safe for everyone.   

Centered around this objective are three core values to be upheld by the CGSA: 

  • Academic Integrity 
  • Professionalism and Respect  
  • Collaboration and Inclusivity   

The CGSA hopes to create an inviting space for all students to feel comfortable sharing their ideas, comments, questions and concerns while also ensuring their voices are heard and respected.