A Message from the Chair...

Erik Berda

Good luck with the Fall 2022 Semester!

Erik Berda, Chair
603 862 1762

Chemistry Department Alumni

  • Alex Jacobine
    Each job I have had since my time at the UNH has been quite different from the rest and I think that UNH prepared me to be able to quickly and efficiently shift from one job to the next.
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  • Nick and Sam Bencivega
    Samantha always knew she wanted to be a teacher when studying chemistry at UNH. Right after graduating, she obtained her Statement of Eligibility to teach in New Hampshire and has been doing so ever since. She is currently a chemistry teacher at Nashua High School North where she has been working since 2011. She has earned her Master in Education in Administration from UMass Lowell, and is…
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  • Catherine Borella
    Choosing chemistry as my major in undergrad was one of the best yet most difficult decisions I have ever made. I knew going into my freshman year at UNH I wanted to someday attend pharmacy school and become a pharmacist. With that being my ultimate goal, I could have chosen many majors, that could have taken the academic burden off also taking the required prerequisites for pharmacy school…
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  • Susanne Lewis
    I have been at Olivet College since 2004 and have had many opportunities to use the skills I gained from my doctoral work with Dr. Richard Johnson and the cognate in college teaching, mentored by Dr. Chris Bauer. When I started, I was the only full-time chemist and my experiences at UNH gave me the confidence to teach courses outside of my field of study. One of my biology colleagues taught…
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  • Alyssa Vachon Daigneault
    UNH was a wonderful place to grow up and discover my passion in science and engineering.  I found a home away from home in the chemistry department surrounded by supportive staff, professors and classmates.  While at UNH I spent most of my time at Parsons studying and working for Dr. Chris Bauer.  The research we conducted on undergraduate students reactions to their high school chemistry experiences has carried over through out my career as a high school educator. 
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