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Chemistry Department Excellence Fund

Your donation will have the most immediate impact on the health and growth of the department when directed to Department Excellence. This fund serves to facilitate and recognize excellence in the Department of Chemistry.  At the discretion of the Department Chair, this fund can be used to develop department projects to enhance our students’ educational experience, and to facilitate mentoring and peer collaboration with special events. These funds can also be used to provide summer stipends and scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students. Giving to the Department Excellence Fund helps the department to uphold our unwavering commitment to student support, growth, and success.

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Student Support Funds

Prioritizing experiential learning and promoting research excellence and professional growth in an inclusive and collegial atmosphere is what makes UNH Chemistry special. Giving to one of the following endowed student support funds ensures your gift makes a lasting impact on future generations of Chemistry students.


Professor N. Dennis Chasteen Graduate Fellowship Fund

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, this fund was established in honor of Prof. N. Dennis Chasteen with the purpose of providing summer research fellowships for graduate students in the Chemistry Department who have demonstrated excellence in both teaching and research.

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Gary R. Weisman Scholarship Fund

Through the generosity of fellow colleagues and alumni, this scholarship was created to provide merit based support to students enrolled in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Preference is given to undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in Chemistry. Eligible recipients will have a proven academic record with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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Clarence L. and Helen M. Garland Grant Fellowship Fund

Through the generosity of Dr. Clarence and Helen Garland Grant, this fellowship was established as an expression of appreciation for the many opportunities provided through their association with UNH, coupled with their belief in the great value of graduate work in Chemistry at UNH.  This fellowship is given to graduate students demonstrating outstanding promise in their careers.

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Thank you for your generous support of the students in the Department of Chemistry!