Chemistry Stockroom

Svetlana Shuba, Materials Technician
W130 Parsons Hall



  • NMR tubes are backordered until the end of May 2022.
  • The Chemistry Stockroom is continuing to experience a dry ice shortage we ask for your help in being very conservative with what you take. This is used not only by CEPS for research, but it is heavily used in our chemistry course labs and research labs. 
  • Gloves are still hard to get and are running 3 times the pre pandemic price. I will always have gloves of each size but not always the black gloves people prefer.

- Svetlana Shuba, Materials Technician

Visit the Chemical Stockroom for in stock:

We stock EPA compliance supplies; hazardous waste labels and waste bottles.

  • Items needed for lab courses are also available to purchase online in advance. Please see our Lab Supplies page for list of items and links. 
  • Students will need to use Cat’s Cache or a credit card to make purchases. 
  • It is against UNH policy to sell dry ice, liquid nitrogen or any chemical for purposes outside the University.

New Stockroom Hours:

Open 9am to 12:30pm and 1:00pm to 5pm Mon-Fri unless otherwise posted.

Please view the Stockroom Calendar below for scheduled limited hours/closings outside of normal operating hours.