Chemistry Stockroom

Svetlana Shuba, Materials Technician
W130 Parsons Hall


Attention: The Chemistry Stockroom had a policy change beginning on May 1, 2023. If you are purchasing chemicals from the Chemistry Stockroom, you need to bring a chemical secondary container with you to pick up your chemical. Boxes are not allowed to serve as a secondary container to transport chemicals. If you do not have a secondary container, the Chemistry Stockroom has some available to purchase.

Secondary Container

Thank you for your cooperation and let’s stay safe!

Cindi Rohwer, Manager


Large Quantity Purchases LN2 & Dry ice:
2-3 day notice requested for large purchases of LN2 or dry ice. wE ASK FOR YOU TO BE CONSERVATIVE WITH DRY ICE REQUESTS AT THIS TIME.
thank you all for your cooperation,

- Svetlana Shuba, Materials Technician


Visit the Chemical Stockroom for in stock:

We stock EPA compliance supplies; hazardous waste labels and waste bottles. It is against UNH policy to sell dry ice, liquid nitrogen or any chemical for purposes outside the University.


  • Students will need to use Cat’s Cache or a credit card to make course lab supply purchases onsite at the Chemistry Stockroom. Cash and/or checks are NOT accepted. 

Stockroom Hours:

Open 9am to 12:00pm and 12:30pm to 4:45pm Mon-Fri unless otherwise posted.

Please view the Stockroom Calendar below for scheduled limited hours/closings outside of normal operating hours.