Chemistry Stockroom

W130 Parsons Hall 


Stockroom Hours:

8:00am to 4:30pm Mon- Fri

Please view the Stockroom Calendar below for scheduled limited hours/closings outside of normal operating hours. 

Visit the Chemical Stockroom for in stock:

We stock EPA compliance supplies; hazardous waste labels and waste bottles.

  • Items needed for lab courses are also available to purchase online in advance. Please see our Lab Supplies page for list of items and links. 
  • Students will need to use Cat’s Cache or a credit card to make purchases. 
  • It is against UNH policy to sell dry ice, liquid nitrogen or any chemical for purposes outside the University.


  • The stockroom is temporarily out of standard NMR tubes! They are on order from three companies and will hopefully be back in stock soon.
  • NE Dry Ice will be delivering ½ of the normal delivery due to a dry ice manufacturing shortage which has reduced their supplies by 40%. Please be very conservative when obtaining dry ice and to seek other options, if possible.
  • Gloves are still hard to get and are running 3 times the pre pandemic price. I will always have gloves of each size but not always the black gloves people prefer. I have a standing order for black gloves of every size, but some are currently back ordered into October. This can change at any time, and I check often to catch them when they are in stock. 

- Kristin Blackwell, Stockroom Manager