Organic/Inorganic Lunch Talks

Parsons N116
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Feb 2

Jarec Rondeau, TBA

Feb 9

Ryan Fitzgerald, Synthesis of Oxepin Substrates for Comparative Two Electron Oxidation Reactions with Cerium Ammonium Nitrate and Cytochrome P450

Charles Ayotte, TBA

Feb 16

Ruiwen Chen, TBA

Brian Patenaude, TBA

Feb 23

Marie-Josiane Ohoueu, A Race Against Microbial Resistance: Development of thiol containing open lactam analogues targeting metallo-beta-lactamases

Ethan Jarvis, Synthesis optimization of Linkers in Hybrid Photocatalytic systems for the Reduction of CO2

Mar 2

Luke Fulton, TBA

Carter Holt, TBA

Mar 9

Zane Relethford, BIAN Cyclam-like Macrocycle for CO2 Reduction

Nick Arnista, TBA

Mar 16

Spring Break

Mar 23

Stacie Stuut, Design and synthesis of potential phosphonamide inhibitors for metallo-β​-lactamases

Junfu Chen, Synthesis of Thioacids for Inhibition of Metallo-beta-Lactamases via a "Sulfide Release" Strategy

Mar 30

No lunch talk

Apr 6

Kassie Picard, Investigation of the Synthesis of 1-Methyl-4-silatranone and the Contest for the Nitrogen Lone Pair

Matt Reuter, Novel Functionalization of Multidentate Ligands for Nickel Catalysis

Matt Currier, Synthesis of indole-functionalized methacrylate polymers for investigating nanoparticle formation dynamics

Apr 13

Tom Williams, Exploring Routes to the Synthesis of Dibenzopentalenes

Erin Braker, Synthesis of a Redox-Active Hydrogel for the Protection of Black Phosphorous Nanoparticles

Tim Tetrault, Synthesis of Analogues of Nosokophic Acid

Apr 20

Aaron Chung, The Design and Synthesis of DFO Derivates for PET-Imaging

Drew Verrier, Porphyrin-Cored Polymer Nanoparticles that Incorporate Hydrogen Bonding to Model Hemes

Joseph Mancinelli, Synthesis of Functionalized BODIPY Dyes for Use as Fluorescent Probes

Apr 27

Alyssa Bangrazi, Deactivation of Carbapenem Hydrolyzing Class D Beta-Lactamases through the Modification of C6 Substituted Penicillin Detivatives

Claudia Willis, Exploring the Synthesis of Single-Chain Nanoparticles via Atom-Transfer Radical Coupling

Courtney Leo, Synthesis of SCNP Under Various ATRC Conditions 

May 4

Ian Smith, Development of New Fluorescent Materials; Putting Carbon Dots to Work

Evangelos Rossis, Synthesis of DFO Bifunctional Octadentate Ligand for the Chelation with 89-Zr and conjugation with antibodies for 89-Zr-immuno-PET-imaging

Sarah LaChapelle, Probing the macromolecular environment of porphyrin-cored nanoparticles using exogenous ligands

Brady Barron, The Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Novel Octadentate Aminophosphonate Ligand for 89Zr-immuno-PET Imaging



Updated 5/3/18