Spring 2019 Seminar Series

Parsons N104
11:10 - 12 pm
(Unless otherwise noted)


Speaker, Affiliation

Jan 22

Holly Guevara, Grove City College
A Year in the Life of a New Faculty Member

Jan 29&30


Iddles Seminar Series
Thomas Mallouk, The Pennsylvania State University 
Technical Seminar 1/29: Managing Electrons and Protons in the Bio-Inspired Production of Fuel from Sunlight
General Audience Seminar 1/30: How Do You Make a Micro-Robot?

Feb 5

Wayne Jones, Provost, UNH
Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Nanostructures as Catalysts for Removing Environmental Toxins and Chemical Warfare Agents

Feb 11&12


Iddles Seminar, Chemistry Education
 Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University 
General Audience Seminar 2/11: Transforming Chemistry Learning Using Theory and Evidence
Technical Seminar 2/12: Evidence-Based Approaches to Curriculum Reform and Assessment

Feb 19

Stefano Sacanna, Department of Chemistry, New York University
Programmable Matter: a modular approach to the design of microstructured materials

Feb  26

Marek Majewski, Concordia University
Strategies for Photoinitiated Charge Separation and Transport to Drive Solar Fuels Catalysts

Mar 5


LaMattina Seminar Series
Regina Frey, Washington University in St. Louis
Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry: Interactions with Identity, Academic Preparation, and a Course-Based Intervention

Mar 12

Spring Break

Mar 19


Eva Rose M. Balog, University of New England
Visualizing Stimuli-Responsive Protein Materials in Solution and on Surfaces 

Mar 26


Rachel Stanley, Wellesley College
Noble Gases Quantify Air-Sea Gas Exchange at High Wind Speeds in a Wind-Wave Tank

Apr 2


No Seminar

Apr 9


Jerome Robinson, Brown University
Taking Advantage of the “Not So” Rare Earths: Enabling Applications Through Molecular Design

Apr 16


Fang Liu, Columbia University 
From Gas to Solid Phase Materials: Spectroscopy Probed with Vacuum Ultraviolet / Extreme Ultraviolet Laser

Apr 23

No Seminar

Apr 30


Severin Schneebeli, University of Vermont
Bending Polymers into Well-Defined Nanoscale Shapes with Increasing Complexity