Graduate Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to give physics graduate students an overview of their rights and responsibilities while they are here at UNH. Sources within the department for further information are the Graduate Advisor (for physics questions) and the Physics Administrative Assistant (for paperwork).

The most important office outside the department is the Graduate School Office on the first floor of Thompson Hall (T-Hall). The Graduate School can offer help on general (i.e. non-physics) questions. Their phone number is 86-2-3000. The graduate catalog is the definitive resource for UNH rules, such as time limits. While we have included some of those rules in this booklet, we recommend checking with the Graduate School. The Graduate School also has various informational brochures available including information on Dining Services, Recreational Sports, and Day Care. The Graduate Student Organization also can help with academic procedures, student life issues, financial aid, payroll deductions, and details about what the graduate student fees are and what they pay for.

International students will find the International Student Office to be their best resource for questions or problems related to their foreign status (e.g. Visas). The web site is